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History of the Faculty of Medicine

The origins of medical education in Slovenia reach to 1653 when ACEDEMIAE OPEROSORUM was founded in Ljubljana. The medical part was led by M. Gerbec (Gerbecius), the author of the first complete description of symptoms and signs of atrioventricular block; the disorder that was possible to objectively define only with the development of electrocardiography centuries later.
In 1753, in the Age of Enlightenment, the School of Midwifery was founded in Ljubljana. It was the institution with the longest tradition of medical education in Slovenia, closed in 1988.
Medical Surgery Teaching Institute was founded in 1782 which stopped enrolling new students in 1848 and closed in 1850.
The establishment of Illyrian Provinces contributed to the development of medical education in Slovenia when ECOLE CENTRALE was founded in Ljubljana and within its framework also medical secondary school. The latter operated from its founding in 1809, until closing in 1813 because of the reestablishment of Austria-Hungary authority.
Slovenia got its own Faculty of Medicine in Kingdom of Yugoslavia after the dissolution of Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1919 University of Ljubljana was founded a part of which was also the Faculty of Medicine. Dr Oražen played an important role in the progress of medical education. After his death he left his property to the faculty and is among students now known as Oražen Student Dormitories. The Faculty of Medicine initially offered only four semesters of study but in 1940 got two more. During the occupation in the World War II the faculty did not teach because of cultural censorship. After the victory at the end of the war in 1945 a complete Medical Faculty was formed. The Faculty developed into two departments: the Department of General Medicine and the Department of Stomatology. The then newly established postgraduate program is today mostly interdisciplinary. Faculty of Medicine works closely also with undergraduate program of Faculty of Pharmacy and other higher education institutions.

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